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On his arrival, Phillip learns of his uncle’s death and Rachel’s departure.

As heir to the estate, he takes up the running of the farms and vows vengeance if she ever returns.

Sam Claflin has a bone to pick with the film industry.

Why aren't there more roles where men fall in love with older women?

The latest episode of MTV’s “True Life” takes on a taboo topic — inbreeding.

Thursday’s episode (which premiered at midnight) features two women who are in romantic relationships with their cousins, and who decide to have children with them.

But their family, who disapproves of their relationship, is reluctant to help.

Her relationship is dealt another blow when she finds out Andrew may have cheated on her.

The sister novel 'Rebecca' made into a movie by Hitchcock in 1940 beats this flick hands down with a truly sinister villainess and her cohort Mrs Danvers. Ever since the Daphne Du Maurier novel appeared in 1951 debate has raged over the guilt or innocence of the titular heroine in the 19th century romantic thriller My Cousin Rachel (2017).

Instead of expressing marital bliss, his uncle’s letters soon accuse Rachel of foul play and plead for Phillip to visit quickly.

A young Englishman (Claflin) plots revenge against his mysterious and beautiful cousin (Weisz), believing that she murdered his guardian. But sadly this version of a truly wonderful book just missed the mark. This latest and deliciously filmed adaptation might have sided with modern-day feminism but instead leaves Rachel in the dock of history, forever to be interrogated for her intelligent femininity. Young Phillip (Sam Claflin) is just shy of his 25th birthday when he learns that...

But his feelings become complicated as he finds himself falling under the beguiling spell of her charms. The pacing was not quite right and the cinema photographer clearly thought that pulling focus would add more excitement. his beloved aging guardian uncle has suddenly married a younger woman called Rachel (Rachel Weisz).

I assume your 'cousin's sister' is also your cousin, considering that's how these things work. Whether or not this is incestuous depends on which part of the world you live in, and which culture you belong to.

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