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The story which she shared on @break_or_makeup on Instagram detailed her way of life, how the wedding rings on these men turn her on and how she has now actually fallen in love with a married man who loves his own wife dearly, so she wants to find a way to win the man over to herself.PAY ATTENTION: Get all the latest gossip on NAIJ Gossip App Below is what she posted: I love married men so much, the ring on the finger is a complete turn on for me.The talented actor and son of late legendary actor, Adeyemi Afolayan aka Ade Love, said he is not bothered at what people say about him so far he is happy doing what they criticise him for. It’s my business because I don’t find the good thing, the real love and happiness from the young chaps.’ On why he does not date younger women, the ‘Matade Maxwell’ actor said, ‘Can you imagine a situation where I sleep with my girl now and she will go and sleep with one yahoo boy or my daddy’s friend again because she needs money? You see, I owe no one any explanation concerning this.

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The 'Befikre' actor recently opened up in a candid interview with Filmfare magazine, where he spoke about dealing with heartbreaks, relationship and kissing onscreen.

In the interview the actor was asked about his first heartbreak. I love kids." Talking about kissing scenes, Ranveer said, "I'm fed up of kissing!

I'm pregnant for him but he does not want the baby.

Please how can I make him drive his wife away and marry me?

Reacting to the question, Ranveer said, "My heartbreaks have always been about the girl I loved, hitching with my best friend. I need a detox from kissing." Looks like the actor who we knew 6 years ago has completely changed to a different human being altogether.

I have lost two best friends over two girls like that. There was crying and listening to dard bhare gaane. However, we are quite happy to see this change in Ranveer Singh.

After spending a whole day being a real big boss in the workplace, I want to come home to a man at least three times bigger in terms of body mass with a raging insecurity and need to make me feel small.

Then I want him to pick me up in his hefty right arm while still having the strength to do other stuff with his left arm, like a load of laundry. I might be intimidating Boss Lady in the boardroom, but it’s still so much fun when my boyfriend drops me in the washer by mistake or maybe because he just doesn’t care and I get to go around and around, swallowing Tide pods and getting absolutely shredded by swirly soap water.

If I’m a gigolo I will never sell my properties to do a film of N16 million.

A young lady has told an unbelievable story about how she loves to date only married men and the benefits attached.

But we really don’t have true love here in Nigeria. Even the first man in my life was 30 years old when I was 20. That is the person’s business and I don’t give a damn.

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