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Pretty soon you can get up to a few thousand people chatting away, all without anybody connected to the Internet.

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It is renowned for its deep natural harbour and high-rise architecture.

The Star Ferry, funicular ride up the Peak, Victoria Harbour and the amazing food and night markets pack a great dealof action into this tiny state, which covers just 1104 km2 (426 square miles).

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If you've ever been crammed into a stadium alongside thousands of screaming football or music fans, you already know what the tens of thousands of demonstrators pouring into Hong Kong this week are learning: when you pack that many people into a tiny area, your phone's Internet grinds to a halt.

Smartphones should make it easier to organize protests, but they're as good as bricks when cell towers get overloaded with traffic or when governments decide to flip the switch.

It reportedly originated on Russian social media networks, but there have been reports of the trend emerging around the world.

The Beijing News reported that a teenage surnamed Xu, the founder of a chat group for buying and selling software and clothes, was detained for posts he made on We Chat related to the game on Friday.

In the early hours of May 12, Xu was detained on suspicion of “spreading extremism.” The Zhanjiang police confirmed his detention on its We Chat public account on Tuesday.

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