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Watney most recently covered the Los Angeles Galaxy for Time Warner Cable Sports Net in Los Angeles, California.

Watney previously served as the Boston Red Sox field reporter for New England Sports Network (NESN) from 2008-2011.

In addition to providing live in-game updates and reporting for NESN’s pre- and postgame show, Watney hosted the “Red Sox Report” and the “Ultimate Red Sox Show.” Before joining NESN, Watney worked as a sports anchor and host for KMPH-TV and KFIG-AM radio in Fresno, California.

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Dell and third baseman Will Middlebrooks publicly outed themselves as an item on New Year's Eve.

Dell's employer, NESN, didn't directly say that was the reason for reassigning her, but those dots are easy to connect." data-reactid="19" Popular Boston Red Sox sideline reporter Jenny Dell won't be covering the team anymore, after beginning a relationship with one of its players.

I guess this means that the Sox won’t have to worry about the sideline reporters, ahem, distracting the team.

Who knows, maybe now the sideline reporters will be actual reporters and not just eye candy.

When Opening Day arrived, Sox fans knew that Jenny Dell would not be back in her role as sideline reporter this season.

Yet, few probably had Gary Striewski, former “features reporter” for the broadcasting company, to fill her void.

While the addition of Striewski and the departure of Dell will certainly take some getting used to, as fans indicated on social media outlets like Twitter, Striewski still did a decent job today, as he should for the rest of the season.

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