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We're crowdfunding a brand new, gorgeously printed hardcover book covering 101 weird, obscure, historically important, and just plain cool Japanese video games with Unbound, but we can only many it happen with your pledge! Our extensive coverage of the Puyo Puyo series is finally nearing its end with the coverage of the unique PS1 puzzle/RPG hybrid Puyo Puyo BOX, as well as the traditional titles, Puyo Puyo 7 and Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary. SNK's zombie-killing light gun shooter, which actually predates Sega's more popular House of the Dead series, has seen a few different incarnations, including an overhead shooter for the Neo Geo Pocket Color and a mobile game.

Join the HG101 Underground Mutant Bomb-Worshipers as they pretend to care about things that are stupidly hard and frustrating.

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Games: Join the HG101 dorkmobile pit crew as they talk about two oft-overlooked gems of Treasure's game-trove.

Patreon bonus for this episode is part one of a special dispatch on retrogaming in Japan today.

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A far cry from the usual licensed side-scrolling platformers, this movie tie-in with the early 90s Kevin Costner vehicle is a fun action-RPG that mixes genres, has varied quests, and lets you relive the movie in 8-bit fashion. I've got a table again this year, where you can buy all of the HG101 books (including the brand new Retro Game Super Translation Selection and Contra and Other Konami Classics books), as well as previews of two upcoming books to browse through. Contra and Other Konami Classics includes a complete rundown of all of the games in Konami's classic Contra series, ranging from its arcade and NES roots, to its modern day mobile incarnations.

I'll also be sharing the table with Carrie Wood, author of the The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Video Games, which I also contributed a couple of articles to and will also be available for sale. Also included is an extensive look at the very popular (in Japan) Ganbare Goemon / Legend of the Mystical Ninja series, as well as many of Konami's 8-bit Famicom and Nintendo Entertainment System releases. 1 HG101 Presents: Data East Arcade Classics HG101 Digest Vol.

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