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When I used to say that I could end up with a bag, I didn’t really understand what it meant because like I said, I never really thought it would happen to me.

After my first surgery, I had an epidural and couldn’t feel my stomach for a few days.

One of only three museums across the globe specializing in the field, and its collection is the world's largest.

Hendrikje's interest in discovering the history of this first bag triggered a passion for collecting handbags.

Cherished by women and men alike, collectors recognize the humbling, time consuming efforts put into each and every handbag as well as their continuing increase in value, a sound indicator for investing.

Beaded bags made during the early and middle of the 1800's were almost always knit with the very tiniest of beads, up to 1000 beads per square inch can be found on purses dating before 1850.

In Indonesia, we find the same handbag featured in multiple stone carvings.

How did this handbag symbol become a world wide phenomenon? Did it contain secret knowledge offered by the gods as some myths claim?

In Mesopotamia, the cradle of modern civilization, the symbol of the mysterious handbag is shown in countless stone carvings and statues, dating back as far as 10.000 bc.

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