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The mother then goes on to explain that her son is ‘fully occupied’ with his studies, so she is ‘helping’ (yeah, right) to find him a date. Possibly realising that a geeky boy with an over-bearing mother doesn’t sound like a great catch, the well-meaning mum then crosses into slightly creepy territory by stating they’ll be, ‘responsible for all the expenses’. If you go to the ball with her son she’ll buy you a dress – Cinderella eat your heart out.The post concludes with the all-important specifications of the type of girl they’re looking for: ‘blonde, talkative, age 19-22 and with a honest and sincere attitude’. Food technology hsc excel textbook Pick up only.

The mother of a University of Cambridge student has helped to squash the myth that students are layabouts, by posting an advert for a “blonde female” to accompany her son to an upcoming May ball, because he's too busy to look for a date himself.

Only identifying herself as Margot, most likely to save her son from any embarrassment at her bizarre-sounding post, the woman defends the advert by writing he son is “fully occupied by school works."The woman is oddly aware of her son’s ‘type’, and stipulates the woman must be “blonde, talkative,” and aged between "19 and 22".

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Q: What’s worse than not having a date for your university ball? The post, placed under ‘Jobs’ in the Cambridge area, states she is ‘looking for a female student partner on May Ball Cambridge’.

Yes, that’s right – a mortifyingly meddling mother has posted an advert looking for a date for her son on everyone’s favourite second-hand-sofa site, Gumtree.

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