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In fact, here you can take a stroll among many luxurious private villas, shops and restaurants.

Forte dei Marmi is particularly interesting from an urbanistic structure point of view, above all the zone called "Roma Imperiale" is attractive, thanks to its villas lost in the green, pertaining to various styles and periods and projected by worldwide known architects like Michelucci, Giò Ponti and Pagano.

It was made in the 1950s and it was probably known as model 234.

It has a shackle (or bail) instead of a key ring, the older, triangular type reamer and a clip point small blade. This is a Victorinox pocket knife that is basically an older version of the current Spartan model.

It has a Victoria Officier Suisse tang stamp, a clip point small blade and a 5 turn corkscrew with groove dating it somewhere in the 1970s I think.

The Victorinox shield on the front is made of nickle silver.

If you are at all interested, PM me and I will give you my OKC link.

star has dealt with her fair share of co-star relaysh rumors, and we’ve all been speculating that thin line between fact and fiction.

Colton and Holland were constantly confronted about being in a relationship, and instead of shying away from the topic, the two joked about their hot romance. Tyler Posey — We guess Holland figured she might as well continue the streak.

Even though Tyler and Holland have been accused of having quite some chemistry, the relationship rumors — at least for now — are solely speculation. Max Carver — Max and Holland have been dating for a little over a year now.

I'm just hoping to ONE day find that other half that understands that if you work really hard the first 30 or so years of your life, you can retire early and spend the rest of your life relaxing. Don't be the grasshopper, come live the ant life with me. I will be graduating from college in May and beginning to work in the financial services industry.

Rather than most my age that would rather party hard all their life and then hit 65 and TRY to live on SSI. I'm looking for a ere-minded individual who is also open-minded and caring.

Am I really going to be the one start that has to start this? I'd elaborate, but if you're here you probably have the intelligence to look up my previous posts and journal for info. i'm bubbly and outgoing, you'll have to tolerate that, hah.

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