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I expected a book on grammar that would explain rules and give me a good index to look up things that I'm having problems with. The author is an excellent writer with many original ideas to pass on.

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Praise for The Sense of Style “[The Sense of Style] is more contemporary and comprehensive than “The Elements of Style,” illustrated with comic strips and cartoons and lots of examples of comically bad writing.[Pinker’s] voice is calm, reasonable, benign, and you can easily see why he’s one of Harvard’s most popular lecturers.”—The New York Times “Pinker's linguistical learning…is considerable.

His knowledge of grammar is extensive and runs deep.

Style, spelling, and grammar are the building blocks of much of the digital world’s content.

Edward Vavra's Grammar for Elementary and Up, which is available for free, is at in the past, many members have had trouble actually figuring out how to use it, so AO stopped listing it as a resource on its booklists.

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In English there is a certain flexibility over punctuation; and British and American conventions are not identical.

Nevertheless there are some clear rules that must be followed, either because they are the accepted norm, or because they help to avoid ambiguity or just make a sentence comprehensible. is one of the most widely ignored rules of good writing, notably by students writing dissertations or essays !

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