Google updating

As you know, yesterday I posted about the big Google algorithm ranking update and it seems to be getting a lot more attention this morning as SEOs and webmasters dig into their rankings and traffic this morning.

Another feature the company rolled out is Shared Libraries, which lets you automatically share photos in certain categories with friends and family.

The feature allows the recipient of a shared library to select certain photos from own personal library.

John Mueller and Gary Illyes from Google would not yet officially confirm this update out of the typical Google speak: So we will go with Fred and name it based on Gary's request -- the Fred update.

I even used his own photo of Fred, the fish for this story.

So Gary gets credit for the name and the photo here, although since he was on vacation for the past few weeks, I don't think we can blame Gary for this algorithm update.

Based on reviewing most of the posts in the various threads at Webmaster World and Black Hat World, I do think this update is more link quality related.Google has issued a warning that older versions of some of its apps will stop working in a few months.Anyone running older versions of Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides will have to upgrade to newer versions in order to keep using the apps.However, despite this popularity, not everyone is running the latest versions of these apps.Which wouldn’t normally be a problem, except that Google is now shutting down older versions.Using this feature, Google Photos can also automatically save photos of certain people to the recipient's library.

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