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i researched and it means google play services is not supported on emulator..

On real devices: when i run my application, it crashes by saying "Unfortunately, My Application Name App has stopped" then i press ok.

Any active alerts — whether they’re for planned or unplanned delays — should show up in the system.

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Google maps real time updating not supported

Google now shows users not only how to get from Point A to Point B but also whether there’s track work on the Red Line or a delay holding up the Blue Line, for example.

Any active alerts affecting a particular station should show up in the search, said Metro spokesman Dan Stessel.

Now, however, Google Maps will simply remember what route preference you set from a previous trip and use that for your subsequent trip. Saving your current parking spot is an oft-requested feature, one that we also cooked up a Tasker script to solve.

Google Maps v9.49 beta finally allows you to save your parking location, albeit you have to do so manually.

Hence, normally we generally don’t what changes with minor updates to Google apps, because they happen so often that usually there’s nothing really interesting to talk about. After years of railing on Google Maps for not allowing us to save our parking location or our route preference (despite the fact that the i OS version has had the latter feature for a long time), the latest beta update to Maps finally adds both features.

If you live in a large city with tons of highways like I do, then you’ll likely find yourself having to plan your routes to avoid toll roads.Example: A autocomplete dialog can be opened modally to search for places in realtime.A number of events helps to work with partial results and final selections.She said Google sees this as a way to improve the Maps experience.“When people are on the go, they can check for directions and [an alert] pops up,” she said, adding that it could help commuters trying to figure out their travel time.The update is a part of a larger change to the firm’s transit searches, said Google’s Soufi Esmaeilzadeh, a partnership development manager.

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