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choice is to remain in an uncomfortable comfort zone or pretend you’re making a choice that’s actually a variation of your comfort zone, you’re painting yourself into a corner and removing your options, and a person who doesn’t feel that they have any options is not a options (there are people out there for instance, who treat dating, particularly online dating, like cruising through a people supermarket with a never-ending supply) and that you never have to choose like the commitment resisting and decision dodging amongst us, but removing your options puts you in No Man’s Land. It means having to look beyond the short-term by making decisions that help put you on the path of living your life authentically by respecting your own values and endeavouring to treat you with love, care, trust, and respect each day.You leave yourself with nowhere to go and as anyone can tell you who has ever sat on the fence of their own life or someone else’s life, that’s a pretty damn uncomfortable place to be in. But….” You then feel powerless even though you actually have power. I have people who are in their 30s, 40s, 50s tell me that they have no choices when it comes to relationships and then I have people in the same age groups tell me or show me that they have choices. While there are many choices we can make with a ‘goal’ in mind, the choice to treat you well and to keep trying at it doesn’t have a goal or destination in mind – it’s just what you have to do and when you feel consistently good off your own steam, other good things start to happen and your confidence builds, as do your options.

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It was moderately successful, with a cast of beautiful women and hunky guys.

It experienced a Series Fauxnale in the seventh season, only to be brought back for an eighth season and a series finale that many fans believed was one of the best episodes of the series, despite the general dislike for season eight overall (mainly due to the introduction of Billie, a supposed-to-be replacement witch for the sisters).

(God help the adult male who’s 50 or over.) Yet that is how marketers must contort themselves to advertise on television today – take the big dumb opaque box of scaled audience as coarsely defined – or leave it.

By the end of the decade, however, the TV advertising landscape will look much different.

The White Rabbit suggests that Alice comes with her to 'The Hole' the most popular nightclub in Wonderland.

'Along their way Alice encounters many curious beings including The Catepillar, The Cheshire Cat, The evil Queen and even stumbles into a Mad Hatter's tea party.The migration of TV/video distribution to more pure IP (internet protocol) delivery infrastructure, coupled with “big data” advances in set-top analytics will usher in a new era of audience-based targeting that will make the last 15 years of online advertising formation look like child’s play.Sex is a fun topic to write about and I’ve written a LOT about it.I gotta figure out a way to put some more balance in my life. Television advertising media expenditures are the biggest single component of a typical marketing budget – and yet are the least accountable when it comes to proving direct product sales or other return on investment (ROI) success.You’ll know that there is a BS (bullsh*t) and self-esteem issue when no matter what options are suggested or that you come across, you have an ‘objection’ that essentially keeps you in the position. If you keep running you down and telling yourself things that seal off your options it leaves you with no room for a outcome and of course that’s only going to remove your hope, which in turn drags down your confidence, which in turn will have you questioning your worth – yep, that’s your self-esteem sliding.

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