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We’re thinking the area between Floral Ave, Coy Glen, West Haven, Mecklenburg Rd, Oakwood/Campbell, Cliff St.

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It was fun to scour the local neighborhoods for garage sales week by week.

As we filled our home with the needed furniture and household items, our garage sale excursions slowly diminished.

You can definitely start selling using just your mobile phone and mobile e Bay/e Bay app.

It won’t be as handy as working with a computer but you can still do it.

We are hoping to inspire as many neighbours as possible in High Halstow to hold a garage sale on the same day.

For anyone with too much stuff, this is an opportunity to de-clutter and make some cash outside your very own front door.Jennifer’s brothers did the same thing, and with 4 households involved we ended up with quite a large selection.There is always junk at garage sales, but we also had some nice furniture, several tables of nice children’s clothing, lots of baby toys, unused household goods, etc.The price of registering or having a stall in the hall will be £5.00, which will for the Village Hall Will refreshments be available?Yes, as always the High Halstow Village Hall will have its café open to chat to fellow buyers I don’t have a garage; can I hold a sale on my lawn? If you don’t have a garage and intend to use your garden, it would be a good idea to set up an awning or gazebo. We will be producing a map available from the Village Hall on the day for 50p so to ensure your address is advertised please ensure form is in the shop by Saturday 8 Q1 Will it only be for two hours A1 This is the first time we have tried to run this and it was a guess based on the number of stallholders.Click for information about the sale at that location. Also, please click above to “Share” this information on Facebook — the more the merrier at this great community event!

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