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A lot of women might become paranoid if their attractive best friend showed an interest in their man - but one vlogger has made the bizarre decision to invite her bestie into the bedroom with them.Outrageous Youtuber Lena Nersesian from LA, California, known as Lena The Plug, has posted a video explaining why she let her best friend get into bed with her boyfriend Adam.'I trust Emily and thought this would be kind of fun,' Lena said.

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I took a warm bath, removed my unwanted hair and applied a generous amount of sexy scented lotion.

I dressed in a sexy red thong and matching bra, my shortest plaid mini skirt, a Playboy-logo tank top and 4" heels.

I carefully applied my make up and made sure that my wig was placed just right.

I must say that I did look like a sexy little slut.

Adam then arrives at their apartment and admits he's just as surprised about the threesome as viewers are.'Let me just say, I can't even wrap my f****** head around how my life got to the point where I'm engaging in – not only this activity in the first place – but with two girls that look like this,' he says to the camera.

The pair switch the camera off to have their threesome and are later seen rolling around on Lena's unmade bed.

Saturdays were the best days for me, except that my friend Pete would always stop by in the middle of the afternoon, so I always needed to be changed back into my boy clothes before he showed up.

One Saturday morning I decided that it was time for Pete to meet Mel.

Now I don't have to tell her, she can just try his penis.'The clip has now been viewed nearly seven million times and has sparked a huge debate online, with commenters branding their actions 'sad'.

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