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Her body was still incredibly stacked, long-legged, with slim hips and waist and a firm, peach-shaped ass, her tits lusciously oversized for her delicate frame. Then she just rested there thinking, wondering what she was going to do about her lust.

An hour later I checked it and it was very firm and had taken a good round shape. I sat on the edge of the bed and handed him the ice pak. I was a little hesitant as it needed to go to the top of his groin, but I said sure. In order for me to put the ice pak on properly, he had to spread his legs to give me room to attach it.

Eric pulled the bed spread off of his leg to reveal the top of his thigh and that's when I knew that the rie in the bed spread was his hard on! Right then, Eric pulled back the spread and uncovered himself and said, "big like this Mom, I'm 11"? He opened his legs and his cock stood there more enormous than I could have even pictured.

It was a cool night and Angela had hoped to find an extra blanket amidst all the boxes and shoe cartons. For a full minute she stood with her eyes closed, measuring the sensations that coursed through her body. She didn't have to put her hand between her legs to feel the wet pulsations of her horny, juicy cunt. Taking the book with her, Angela went into the bathroom and shut the door. Then she fucked her fingers all the way up her pulsing pussy and whimpered as she came hard, feeling the contractions of her cunt muscles around them.

"The dirty novel was open to page 70 and Angela felt her eyes glazing over as she read the obscene words. "She was in the bedroom, standing in front of the closet that contained all of her divorced husband's effects. "Angela stopped reading and forced herself to close the book. Angela jerked and writhed on the toilet, her huge D-cup tits jiggling lusciously under the sheer fabric.

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Doing my 83 year old mother My mother is 83 years old. I have never had any sexual thoughts about my mother. She wanted to visit my sister down in Fla, so I agreed to drive her there. He stated if it was two people it would cost 59 dollars instead of 39 dollars. I ask mom if she needed anything else, she said no. I looked at the gown where the two top buttons were undone.

I knew the trip would take two days, so we would have to stay in a hotel one night. I picked mom up early in the morning and got started on the drive. As soon as I entered the room I noticed there was only one bed. I asked mom since it was a king size bed does she have any problems with sleeping together.

While we were wating for the ice pac, we sat and chatted and got up. After a half hour or so he said he wanted to go to his room and lay down and asked if I would bring in the ica pak when it hardened. I was scared, turned on, hesitant and a bunch of emotions.

He was on pain meds and I could tell he was a little high, so it made sense he wanted to lay down. When I walked into his room, Eric was laying on the bed with the bedspread pulled over him and there was this big rise in the spread right in his crotch area. I said, "well he is big Eric, but not that big." I was hoping it would end there and I could just leave and pretend it never happened.

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