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When Lindsay attempts to confront him, he tells her the truth about his last girlfriend who used him and broke his heart, then embarrassed him by sharing his love poems to her with the whole school.

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The producers of the show created a website, hoping it would help fans to keep track of the show’s erratic scheduling, but NBC reportedly refused to share the URL because, says exec producer Judd Apatow, “they didn’t want people to know the Internet existed.

They were worried about losing viewers to it.” All in all, the way NBC handled this golden egg was an utter shitshow.

Then there were three consecutive weeks of broadcasting – episode 5 landed in mid-November – but then it was put on hold until early January, aired once in February, twice in March, and was subsequently cancelled, with the two final episodes airing in July.

Six episodes were never aired in the show’s original run.

Nick Andopolis is one of the Freaks at William Mc Kinley High School. Nick is often protecting Lindsay Weir from the others' bad comments and behavior.

His main hobby is drumming and he takes part in a band (which he likes to call "Creation") with Daniel Desario, Ken Miller, and Sean.

Geeky girls are a breath of fresh air – much like the inhaler they might keep inside of their canvas satchels (alongside some pamphlets on quantum theories).

They're a break from the norm, one I recommend every man try taking before settling on the chick with the LV monogram clutch.

And then read the questions I asked Gerry about his trip to the set. Okay, it's a cheesy, not-so-great MPEG taping of the opening credits of the show.. Thanks to someone, we also have an MP3 of the song "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett.

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