Eyetv tv guide not updating

I live in a strong signal area and am able to use the dual tuner to good effect.

I can record two programs at the same time, record one and watch a different program.

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Eye TV supports tvtv.nl, which I have used to fetch program information since late 2004.

I have been very happy with tvtv and Elgato's support in 2005, with good technical support and bug fixes in reasonable time.

Not much has changed, so we have added an update section near the end of the review covering the changes in the new version 2 app.

Gadgets that let you watch terrestrial DTT/Freeview TV on your PC or Mac while you're on the move have been around for several years, and are available from several suppliers such as Hauppauge and Elgato.

The XMLTV Project lists grabbers for other countries.

I first tried tv_grab_upc, but in the end choose tv_grab_nl_py, for which I wrote a few patches and suddenly became "maintainer".

Most of these are small dongles that plug into the computer's USB socket (or dock connector on a Mac) and have a built-in or external antenna/aerial to pick up terrestrial DTT/Freeview TV.

Depending on the model, the external antenna might be a rotatable telescopic type that is permanently fixed to it; or it may have a socket that can be connected to a rod antenna on the end of a length of wire that allows you to move the antenna around a little to find the best signal; or for the best signal it may even have a socket that can be connected via a coaxial cable to a rooftop antenna.

Plugin for Eye TV using the official SDK to parse out MHEG-5 EPG (Electronic Program Guide) data and convert it, using the excellent EPG Collector to xmltv format, and then import it into Eye TV automatically.

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