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The CEO was willing to get on the phone with me and offer up advice at .00 a minute. Cheaper than a lawyer, I thought to myself that I should do this.

So I contacted a top agency recommend by Facebook themselves.

Bosh indicated last week that he fully expected to be cleared by the Heat to resume his career.

Those episodes sidelined Bosh after the All-Star break each of the past two seasons.

Though the complication is not considered life-threatening if treated, it requires medication and playing with it is considered unrealistic.

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The invention of the cell phone has become one of society’s modern miracles.

With dating apps and other digital conveniences people seem to have become less social especially when it comes to finding true love.

But his clearance by the Heat always was contingent on Bosh passing his physical and no issues surfacing during a battery of Heat-administered medical tests this week.

And when an issue arose in blood work this week, the Heat concluded he could not be cleared to return.

I was impressed actually with the way that phone call was set up and organized. You know how many hours I spend talking to people who ultimately won't listen to anything I say? In fact, in 2017, I said I was done investing so many hours trying to help others that don't want help.

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