Elisabetta canalis dating george clooney

For George, that’s what constitutes “a relationship”, considering most of his girls are around maybe one night at most. Glowing reviews of the new girl, to the point where some (me) are already drawing comparisons with Elisabetta to Clooney’s last “relationship” with cocktail-waitress/ “model” Sarah Larson.

Many women fantasize about dating George Clooney, but gorgeous Italian TV personality Elisabetta Canalis made hers reality – although it took her a couple of years.

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GEORGE CLOONEY: LIFE IN LOVES The model praised the 50-year-old actor as ‘the person who valued my feminine side the most,’ and ‘also one of the best people I have met from a charitable point of view.’ Hinting at the reasons behind her split with Clooney, Elisabetta told how the actor ‘has been a special for me, and very important, just as a father would be,’ adding: ‘between us there was more of a father-daughter relationship.

I was unable to clarify this up ’til now.’ Slamming rumours their June separation was down to George’s reluctance to marry, the Italian model explained the end of their relationship was instead down to their ‘personal needs.’ ‘George and I never spoke of marriage nor of having kids,’ she revealed.

But then again, perhaps the split belies the fact that appearances can often be more deceiving than meets the eye, no matter what the public would like to see for the couple and by extension for themselves.

The 32-year-old model – who split from Clooney in June after two years of dating – admitted she has always been attracted to “cold and controlled men”, but has now accepted that a Prince Charming isn’t going to come along and “save” her.

‘I don’t put limits to the possibility of having them, but neither George nor I had ever envisaged having kids together.

The end of the relationship was not caused by a marriage issue, but instead by our personal needs.’ She added: ‘George is a real gentleman even in his private life.

PHOTOS: Stars Heat Up The Hoofing In DWTS Rehearsals Elisabetta added in an interview with Italian magazine Chi: “At the end of the day I have always seen the end of my relationships as a personal failure. “In the past I would self destruct when it came to love – I was immature, throwing myself into things but now times have changed, I want a relationship where you understand the other person.

PHOTOS: Elisabetta Looks Hot In LA “The end of a relationship is complicated,” she admitted, but says she made the decision to compete on Dancing as a way of getting over her her break-up.

“I went to the United States, because at the moment I could no longer face the world.

Watching my life being dissected was not easy for me.

News, the coveted award is presented to a "unique individual, upon whose work is stamped the indelible mark of authorship and commitment, and who has lifted the craft to new heights." Gary Dartnall, the BAFTA Los Angeles chairman spoke highly of the 53 year-old actor and his successful career: "George Clooney is without question one of our industry's true icons.

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