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If a QFE is required, you will need to install the QFE before you can create submission packages.You should restart any projects you have not completed after you install a QFE.If a QFE includes changes to the ARM client, you may also be required to uninstall your ARM clients before you install the QFE. If you’ve already started the process of certifying a device using the HCK for Windows 8.1 Preview, you’ll need to continue to use this version of HCK until your submission is complete.

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Component requires the unload event that is provided by the binding engine to the Net Trans device setup class (typically used by filter Intermediate drivers which use the Net Service device setup class).

¹When using Windows Server 2012 R2, at least one network interface on the system must be marked with NCF_PHYSICAL in order to be eligible for DHCPv6 client.

it would be great if you could help (please step by step, as i'm not familiar with many what many of you probably deem to be easy commands). i run ubuntu heron 8.04 many thanks, svenja I dont know if there is a driver built into linux for that specific usb dongle, but there are drivers for many. It may already be installed, just connect the dongle, wait for about 20 seconds or so to recognise it if it needs to, then click on youir network manager and see if it finds it.

And if you are going to use windows drivers, you shouldn't try to do it through wine, you should try to use ndiswrapper.

i couldn't even open the install wizard, then i installed wine so it came up, but at the second slide it asks me to insert the usb and click 'next'.

when i do that, it just keeps asking me again to insert it.

*Media Type = 16 ; Ndis Medium Native802_11 *Physical Media Type = 14 ; Ndis Physical Medium802_3 ; DDInstal.

dear all, i am trying to switch from my dodgy wireless sweex card (the internet connection keeps interrupting; the card has half come apart though) to a usb stick for wireless connection; i have bought the dynamode 802.11g usb adapter (wl-700g-m).

Specifying such an entry causes the adapter's port information to be displayed in the Connection Properties dialog box (which is accessed through the Network and Dial-Up Connections folder) when you select the adapter name or icon.

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