Dr laura dating after divorce

And then you date the next man and bring him by, and before you know it, it can seem like “revolving door dads” to your kids, who may feel abandoned or confused.It’s understandable that you want a responsible male in your children’s lives, but be careful that you don’t do it too soon.She wears a white tank top appliquéd with rhinestones, a bright blue cable-knit cardigan, and jeans she could have borrowed from a fifth grader.

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Laura, whose doctoral degree is in physiology, defended herself first in her own blog.

Then she went on News’ Bill O’Reilly show to clarify the comments.

The news about her 21-year-old, Afghanistan-based soldier son - whose My Space page supposedly had cartoon images of rape, murder, torture, child molestation, and more - broke on Saturday, and has since been picked up in a number of media markets. Laura’s troubles are largely attributable to the work of journalist Matthew La Plante, who covers the military in Utah and reported from the Iraq War in 2005 for the .

The announcement about her break followed on Sunday, though it remains unclear whether the two situations are related. La Plante wrote a story published last Monday, May 14, that quoted Dr.

also put their “Reader Advocate” on the story, who produced this report that said the complaints from readers reeked of a campaign launched by Dr.

Laura and summed the reaction up with, “Oh, come on.” Dr.

My mother-in-law purchased it and we passed it around to all of the girls in the family.

Since I had the opportunity to do this review, I decided to read it again.

Such a cotton-candy-colored rock would stand out affixed to anyone’s navel, but it is particularly eye-catching when flashed coquettishly by someone as petite as Schlessinger.

The conservative talk-radio diva stands at 5 feet 3 ½ inches and is hyperfit, with a weekly fat allowance that some of us devour in one sitting.

We are heading to her home recording studio, the palatial yet cozy building that sits between the pool and the fenced tennis court, the place where she hosts her enormously popular radio show and writes her best-selling books. What’s more, she sails competitively, rides Harley-Davidsons, and works out with weights.

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