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Your thoughts are requested, as I have to explain my rationalle every year to new students. You train quite a few times a week and have many social gatherings that aren't on training nights. I met my wife in the dojo, we "dated" (what an out-dated word)..... No, it's not the business of the instructor to tell people who they can and cannot see and it whatever context, as the others said, just make sure they leave it at the door.

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123 Street Avenue, City Town, 99999 (123) 555-6789 [email protected] can set your address, phone number, email and site description in the settings tab. We work hard to make SK8 Dojo Roller Rink the coolest place your kids will want to be.

You’ll always find a well-supervised family friendly environment where we emphasize fun and friends.

Kung fu comprises a number of fighting styles that have developed over the centuries in what is today the country of China.

Karate is primarily a striking art, with punching, kicking, knee/elbow strikes, and open-handed techniques. And also has various blocking techniques like parries; and takedowns are taught as well.

Here in Mexico there are too many mac doyos (yes, with a Y, 'cause they don't deserve better), and this list reminds me a lot of them, as I happen to know many grand masters that fits most of these.

This is as a direct result of several bad experiences, over the past 10 years, which have caused alienation, and polarisation, in the dojo and lost me 10's of students. Agree with the others, I met Sarah at summer camp last year, as you may recall in howa given by Aosaka sensei, he said it would be better to find a lover at summer camp than to train too hard or something to that effect- I just took that on board Anyway, one year now, something of a record!They have personal fallings out, they sort them out themselves. I hope you don't mind if I snip and paste a bit of it here. Never a problem, in fact the majority of people never knew we were "together", and some still don't (until now )....... I will never say that my kenshi should not date each other. Whether with people you have a few beers with, or a little "something else" with, is up to you....... I have another couple in my branch at the moment (just got married) and several people have met their "partner" through practice, both in my branch and in others........ In other words, when we enter the dojo our mind is solely on shorinji and not on our outside life.Lace on a pair of our fresh stock of leather quad skates and shiny roller blades or bring your own skates to SK8 Dojo where we have one of the largest maple skate floors on the East Coast.

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