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Di Caprio reportedly tipped his ubiquitous baseball hat (or perhaps it was one of his favorite newsboy caps) down low to avoid attracting attention, but by now that old trick has only made the Oscar winner stand out more prominently than before.

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(No really, it's a beautiful building.) As Page Six notes, Lorena has been spotted with Leo before.

Just last week, Lorena, 23, joined the Oscar winner for a Citi Bike ride (Leo’s fave) in NYC.

"They seem like an item," a source told the publication.

"They walked out together, he pulled down his hat over his eyes." Another insider also reportedly saw them at Mo MA PS1 later in the day.

“They walked out together, he pulled down his hat over his eyes,” the eyewitness continued.

But this isn’t the first time the pair have been seen together.According to Rae has yet to respond to the dating rumors, but a rep for Di Caprio said, "They're not dating." But if they are, in fact, together, she wouldn't be the actor's first dark-haired lady.He's had previous rumored flings with Helena Christensen, Bijou Phillips, and, let's not forget, Rihanna.The brunette actress and Di Caprio have previously been spotted Citi Biking together in New York, traipsing around Monaco, and of course, riding on yachts with Di Caprio's wolf pack, including Tobey Maguire and friends in St. These sound like the tell-tale rumblings of a new relationship in Di Caprio's life.Or maybe Di Caprio just likes being surrounded by environmentally-conscious models. In any case, despite the evidence suggests, Di Caprio's representatives insist that the two are not an item, firmly telling the , "They’re not dating."Sure, it's well known that Di Caprio prefers blondes, but still, the couple who Citi Bikes together, stays together, or so the urban myth goes.After Page Six reported that Leo was “spending more time” with German model Lorena Rae, his rep shut down the rumor with a short statement: “They’re not dating.” But it’s still fun to pour over the details of Page Six’s story. Leo and Lorena have known each other “for a while,” according to Page Six sources. 14, Leo, Lorena, and an unidentified male friend were spotted having lunch at Hillstone in Manhattan, where the non-couple appeared to be “like an item.” In classic Leo fashion, the actor “pulled down his hat over his eyes” as they walked out of the restaurant.

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