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When he was invited to be on his show, Dave accepted and together the pair made us LOL with features such as Dave’s Tedious Link, as well as a record-breaking 52-hour radio show raising funds for Comic Relief.

Most simply ignore the nearly two years of warfare that preceded the momentous offensive.

By focusing on one of the principal German formations involved in the Somme fighting, author Ralph Whitehead brings to life this little-known period, from the initial German advance on the Somme in September 1914 through the formation of the front that became so well known almost two years later.

The first series of the relaunched Coach Trip: Road to...

aired on E4 from 25 July 2016 to 2 September 2016 entitled Coach Trip: Road to Ibiza, the second series aired from 16 January 2017 to 24 February 2017 with the title Coach Trip: Road to Marbs.

A third series has also been commissioned to air on E4 later in 2017, entitled Coach Trip: Road to Zante.

The show's format consists of four to seven teams of two undertaking a coach tour principally of continental Europe (but with individual series including sojourns into North Africa and Western Asia) and has been sold to other countries."The Other Side of the Wire" brings to life a period long forgotten in the decades that have passed since the Great War ended in 1918.Until recently most books written on the Battle of the Somme concentrated almost exclusively on the British effort with only a brief mention of the period before 1 July 1916 and the German experience in the battle.- Ralph Whitehead is a member of the Plugstreet Project Team.In a riveting narrative that puts diaries, letters and action reports to good use, British military historian Keegan (The Face of Battle, etc.) delivers a stunningly vivid history of the Great War.The show can be streamed via one of the links below, or you can add this RSS feed to your favourite podcast application and have the links sent automatically (i Tunes/i Phone/i Pad instructions here).

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