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Several factors help determine the age or general date of manufacture for a sofa, and in some cases, it's a guessing game.

If you'd like to know its age for appraisal purposes, the experience of a professional appraiser or antique dealer helps eliminate any doubts you may have about the sofa.

For this study, the researchers looked for the spores of three different fungi that grew on the dung of large animals.

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If every journey begins with a single step, the road to antique furniture knowledge can start with a foot - specifically, the antique foot style belonging to a chair, chest or table.

Identifying antique furniture feet can be helpful in determining the approximate age of a piece, along with the period in which it was made, helping you research and value antique pieces more skillfully.

Investigations of the remanent magnetisation of 39 cored specimens from the kiln floor gave a directionally very stable remanence with mean direction (D=2.0°.

Comparing with the magnetic master curve for the area, the last time of heating for the kiln may be dated to c. This age is confirmed by TL-datings and historical evidence of increased building activities using baked bricks at this time in the area.

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The application of Thermally (TL) and Optically (OSL) Stimulated Luminescence on bricks used as building material has allowed solving an chronological issue in the field of historical building dating.

The possibility to use one or more methodologies of dating is closely related to the luminescent and granulometric characteristics of the sample.

Remains can be carbon dated, of course, but there is no way of knowing if other examples of the species lived in the region without leaving any remains. To solve this question, a team of researchers led by Russel Graham, a professor of Geosciences from Penn State University, used a variety of proxies to date the extinction of the mammoths on St. Proxies are independent documents of an organism’s presence.

Not directly connected to the organism itself, they are instead examples of its imprint on the environment.

Consulting the manufacturer's website, or a collector's site or book if the sofa is vintage or antique, can narrow things down a bit more.

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