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NHN Hangame JP and Liongames KR launched a silhouette teaser page for the new playable character to be released next month in Soul Worker Online.

Although no more information has been revealed, the character is believed to be Iris Heavenroad.

Over at Pure Pedantry, Kara has a nice post on Goethe and game theory.

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Simply put, Goethe argued that our perception of color is a phenomenon of the brain rather than of physics.

By insisting that color be seen in its psychological context, Goethe was critiquing the science of Isaac Newton, who saw color in terms of discrete wavelengths of light which the eye passively received.

Newton believed that color could only be understood by understanding the “least parts” of light.

He imagined light as “corpuscular,” composed, like glowing dust, of invisibly small particles “emitted from shining substances.” By making light a material thing, Newton was able to subsume even the photon – the most ethereal of God’s elements – into the laws of his physics.

Light, like a planet, was subject to the newly invented force of gravity. Truth must be seen to emerge from carefully negotiated experiments.

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