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They talked every evening about the pain of losing someone dear to them, and while their conversation comforted her, she felt conflicted about an in-person relationship — after all, she was still a married woman.An identity theft helpline has received more than 6500 calls in its first six months, with most relating to stolen licences.

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I’d encourage you not to assume you know what it says without having read it.

Many readers who start out critics of How To Avoid Marrying A Jerk by Dr.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have warned people to be on the alert.

Unsolicited emails, phone calls, or door knocks may circulate in the near future, with scammers trying to sell equipment, […] Payroll tax email – Businesses are being targeted in Australia and overseas as a fake payroll tax email is making the rounds.

I debate because it encourages me to explore areas of science that I would not otherwise venture into.

The Short Version: is a comprehensive dating resource and blog for singles in their golden years.

Security experts warn licence specifics are the “highest prize” for crooks, who use them to access bank accounts,...

i Dcare, the national organisation for identity theft and fraud, has had its’ own board member David Lacey go on the record talking about Pay Wave.

The hope behind it was that other singles would be helped by some of the lessons I was learning.

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