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According to a recent survey carried out, there were 5 factors that most women found attractive in men they desire, including good looking, ultra confidence, sense of humor, being successful, and the ability to give a sense of security to the woman.

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It’s not really a one-size-fits-all situation, of course.

Every woman has different wants and needs and there is no definite list of dos and don’ts.

“If you insult me, I won’t date you out of curiosity,” said one survey respondent. Don’t be tempted to use any tricks which might backfire on you. Another thing to test out is whether you actually feel ready to start dating at the moment.

Think about want to share with your date or on your online dating profile.

However, a survey conducted by e Harmony showed that there are in fact several things most women tend to agree on when it comes to male dating habits.

Before you begin your dating journey, have a read of the following advice straight from women themselves.

Avoid clichéd pick-up lines First of all, if you subscribe to any kind of pick-up artistry laws, it’s time to put them down.

Although they do grab a woman’s attention, they’re not very useful if you want to have a successful date built on honesty and trust.

Since the world is ever growing and developing and more than half of the world all use mobile phones today, the dating world has got caught up in the mobile phones and SMS rave.

With the high rate of people dating online and the number of long-distance relationships, SMS has become a convenient way for people to maintain contact and keep in touch.

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