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If we sound intense, it's because we were forced to be."The fact that roommates are so intimately in each other's space accelerates the relationship," says Andrea Syrtash, co-author of , forced to be together 24/7 with nowhere to escape.I’m finally at a place where I’m able to afford living alone – and though I much prefer the cost savings of having a roommate (about 0 a month) I’m heavily considering living alone.But then she starting spreading rumors about me and our relationship dissolved.

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Youcef actually approved my coming along, and as I write this very sentence has just pinged me to say ‘hey’.

But what if we give you a few brilliant ideas on how you can get to know each other better? The more you know about your roommate the more comfortable you shall be in her company. Browse through this post and say hello to a lifetime of precious friendship.

What can be better than lying on the couch, eating junk and binge watching some great TV shows together?

When our friends fail us, as they so often do in the courtship process, we get even more vulnerable and open ourselves up to strangers.

If you’ve just moved in to a PG and you have a new roommate then you might be making attempts to know more about her, by initiating small talks.

These two have encountered some bumps this season, but the fan-favorite coupling just seems to get stronger with every episode.

So we took a closer look, and found the best examples of how to deal with suddenly finding yourself dating a person you happen to already live with — you never know if it'll happen to you.

My only options are to a) live with someone I don’t know b) continue living with someone I know but am very unhappy living with (I now view the savings as a payment to myself for living with this person, like a job).

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