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Beautiful began a noble campaign some months ago: To maker the world a hotter place one ugly person at a time.

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Ridiculous as that sounds, thousands and thousands of people applied to get beauty, exercise, and diet coaching from the genetically blessed. Here is Polish student Aleksandra Pieczek, when she was rejected from the website. She’s a cheerleader and a model now: There’s only one problem with running a dating site exclusively for beautiful people: You’re not making money from the ugly ones.

This charming gentleman called Greg Hodge has exactly that problem, with his borderline-psychotic website Beautiful

/PRNewswire/ -- LUXY is an elite millionaire club designed to meet the needs of the one percent of wealthy individuals seeking companionship.

Members can meet, chat and date through the use of a discreet app.

This sounds like a story which should be on The Onion, but unfortunately it’s not meaning it must be deadly serious.

Beautiful is a dating and networking site with a specific niche it has carved out for itself.

Now, LUXY is increasing its members' security and improving their browsing experience by rolling out a new filtering feature known as Vouch.

Photo - - Vouch is a filter that allows members to screen applicants based on their appearances as well as their financial status.

As the name implies, you have to be good-looking in order to become a member.

New members are only allowed to join the site after what is called a “rating” stage where current members decide whether or not the applicant has the appropriate looks.

As a result of the “ugly virus,” the company has now rejected over 30,000 recent members.

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