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They will mount directly to an original bridgeplate.

is an authorized dealer for Joe Barden Engineering and offers one of the the very best Tele bridges on the market at a great price!

Our illustration - which has been drawn to scale - will show you the differences between the various bridges, so you can be sure of getting the right fit. Also, be sure to check out our Callaham cross reference (click here) for more information!

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Like the snaarling Lap steels of old, this monster will crunch down on your ears like no other. Never feel like your bridge position is too "thin" again......

WHAT FITS WHAT Fender has used a couple of dimensions over the years for both string spacing and screw spacing on tremolos.

However, because Fender's American Deluxe guitars come with a snap-in arm, the Fender arm is incompatible with Callaham's Deluxe block.

The Joe Barden Vintage and American Standard Bridgeplate, The Vintage and American Standard Bridgeplate models for Telecasters™ solve all of the structural problems and intonation issues inherent in the original parts.

In addition, the Bridgeplate features a Danny Gatton-inspired “scoop” at the front of the treble sidewall, a tremendous aid to fingerpickers who find themselves constantly hitting the plate while playing.

The Bridgeplate has two additional mounting holes at the front edge to provide secure fastening at all four corners, if desired (use of these mounting holes is optional). The string thru holes on the Vintage Bridgeplate model plate are located behind the mounting holes at the rear most part of the bridgeplate.The Delrin bushing is the feature that defines the Enhanced Vintage design (see next section below).Since Fender's threaded arms (or any arm with a 10-32 thread, for that matter) can be used with Callaham's blocks, you are not forced to buy a Callaham arm for use with your Callaham block, but it is recommended (see illustration in the next section below to see why).As an added feature, the outside saddles are notched under the "E" strings, like the vintage '53 saddles.This notch helps correct the "loud outside string" problem common to many Telecasters, and adds additional height adjustment capability, while retaining an important and authentic vintage design spec.Replacing a block made of inferior materials (zinc, leaded steel, sintered steel) with one of Callaham's blocks will get you one step closer to those ,000 originals.

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