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After two years of uncertainty, Usain Bolt produced his biggest clutch performance to beat rival Justin Gatlin in the 100-meter world championship final with a lunge at the line in the biggest showdown in years.

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But on the biggest of occasions, time was with Bolt again.

In a dead heat for third, Trayvon Bromell of the United States and Andre De Grasse of Canada shared bronze in 9.911 seconds.

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_Ex: she is called Mary _Ex: his name is Richard but everybody calls him Dick , _Ex: he was called after his uncle _Ex: to call things by their proper names _Ex: to call smb. Going even just ahead of the line, Bolt glanced left from to Gatlin in Lane 7 and threw his weight forward in a desperate lunge.His yellow-colored Jamaica jersey crossed marginally ahead the red-clad Gatlin for his third world title in the 100.Obviously by the pictures there was no body damage, flaws in the paint or most important RUST!After looking at the pictures I was pretty much hooked and asked him for his phone number.Quote Pillow Arthur Ashe Hand Stamped Good Advice Good Ideas Word Of Advice Life Advice Life Tips Relationship Advice Simple Like That Words Ideas True Words Thoughts Truths Others Lebensweisheiten Tags Universe Smile Attitude Inspiring Phrasesthis was the hit of father's day.

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