Dating schick injector razors

It's up to us , the few, the clean shaven injector lovers of the world to step up to the plate and document what we've got by jove!!! Duke Ellington"When I First heard Bird it hit me right between the eyes!

So take pictures of anything you have with a description.

This original work still stands up best and should be attributed to the author. "The Table below is a guide based on my own research and collection, and the "Types" are not company designations but ones I have made to classify different products that often went by the same trade name." Which answers that. My last gig in Istanbul was at the Istanbul International Jazz Festival, and I brought Luigi Grasso to Turkey to play with me....

They are Applebys' own designations, a guide to trying to make sense. "Music is my mistress and she plays second fiddle to no one."..... I'm thinking about bringing him and his brother to play a Festival over here with me...

Schick) served in the US Army (1898-1910, 1916-1918) and actually achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

It was in the Army that Schick was exposed to the repeating rifle and its ability to load multiple cartridges via a magazine or a clip.

Since you will undoubtedly be buying your Schick from e Bay or the like (a garage sale, an antique store, a flea market, etc.), you will find these illustrated instructions on cleaning an injector razor to be useful.

Unlike the typical safety razor, you can’t simply open the injector and leave it open.(Note: the original site is no longer functional and these are screenshots of the original site.The links are non-functional)A useable site of Appleby's work has been reproduced at is important to note that other pirated versions of this with liberal changes are cropping up. Appleby created the widely adopted Schick Injector Razor History, Development & Identification Guide.This Guide has become the foundation tool for identifying Schick Injector Razors and is recreated here in it's original form.(The blades are made for the Feather Straight Razor and are a little too long for the Schick.) One shaver suggests: Cut the blade with an electrician’s wire-cutting scissors. I also insert it the way Andy does, by using the injector to spread the razor open and then inserting the blade from the other side.

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