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Implementations may support other subsets, and requests will be negotiated against all available subset-representation combinations to find the best match.

Two algorithms are available for this negotiation and selected by the .

To install this component to an external project, follow the procedure: Use one of the following three options. The locale options can be override by options attribute.

To use ng Model define the application class as follows: In this option the mydatepicker sends data back to host application using callbacks. For example if you disable the date range and want to enable some dates in range. An ISO 639-1 language code can be provided as shorthand for the following options (day Labels, month Labels, date Format, today Btn Txt, first Day Of Week and sun Highlight).

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Type of the sel Date attribute can be a string or an IMy Date object. If sel Date is not specified, when the calendar is opened, it will ordinarily default to selecting the current date.

If you would prefer a different year and month to be the default for a freshly chosen date picking operation, specify a default Month attribute. Boolean value indicating is the component disabled or not. Selector can be opened or closed using this attribute.

Value of the default Month attribute can be: Here is an example on how to use this attribute. Value of the selector attribute can be: The styles of the component can be changed by overriding the styles.

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