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One such perk is Wings Day—a tradition hosted every month at Kitware.

For the March celebration, which took place this afternoon, team members filled picnic tables outside of Kitware headquarters to feast on a buffet of hot wings and other fried comfort foods.

With plans for continued growth, Kitware is hiring for new technical and support positions, including ones located in the Capital Region of New York.

Kitware attracts top talent by offering competitive benefits and many unique perks.

We’ve been given the task of creating a component to display the reviews for a given product and allow for them to be sorted by date, rating, or the name of the reviewer.

We open up the Review model and it looks like this: We see that each review contains a reference to a product, a title, some text, a rating, as well as the date it was written and the username of the user who wrote it. First, let’s generate the component scaffolding: Each review is contained inside a list element.

It's the story of a failed — failing — novelist about to turn fifty.

His long-time lover is marrying someone else, and he's been invited to the wedding. The main character, the anxious and vain Arthur Less, is boyish and gentle and smart and I adore him.

To avoid the whispers and rumors that would abound, he takes the only course of action he can imagine: accepting every literary invitation he's been putting off, a journey that will take him around the globe and well away from the wedding of the man he loved. It had me from the first page, and I'm not even precisely sure why. The narrator (whose identity I guessed with increasing hope and anticipation as the pages went on) guides us skillfully through present events and past ones, uncovering the parts of Less that need to become More in order to find happiness.

The settings —San Francisco, New York, France, India, Japan — are wondrously and precisely evoked. I actually think I loved it because of what it believes.

These insects will gradually damage all your stuff by eating up the wood.

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