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On their new site, called Jess, Meet Ken, women can recommend eligible bachelors they know; single woman browsing the site can then either reach out to the man himself or to the woman who vouches for him.According to the Deckingers, this new platform accomplishes two goals: It provides women with a sense of safety, since men are not a totally anonymous on the site, and men are presented in their best light by their female friends.“Online dating is largely about how a guy represents himself,” Jess says.Getting it right is very difficult but with Ok Date this is already taken care of for you.

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Hints: Apps combine some of the best games/techniques from dating industry.

is one of the oldest online dating platforms where singles meet to discuss about dating and relationship.

Dating Framework was designed at core to be highly customizable with powerful Admin features. I launched daging Adult Dating website with Dating Framework.

So you can easily change functionalities and design.

These guys were the only ones who had easy Anonymous payment gateway like Verotel.

We launched a Dating website with Dating Framework.The true power of a platform is how you can leverage yours to grow your business.As of version 2.0 Ok Date is built around a flexible modular system.Users will instantly platfkrm notification about who liked them, who visited their profile in real-time.The chat plxtform is a separate app dwting inside Dating Framework that can serve million chats at a time.There are certain manual operations required with all dating sites and having a proper back-end system helps you run your app better.

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