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But if you are looking for something a little more different than the usual, here are some ideas: You are provided with everything you need to create your own version of a pre-selected painting, along with an instructor to show you how!

It may be that we will take a test case to an employment tribunal. Don’t push it any more than a casual chat – just make your mark!

Opening up You’ll know straight away if there is an opportunity to open up the conversation. Last night Mr Russell said in an interview that the deal was “not ideal …

Stay up late to watch that thriller or action-packed film.

We both love movie popcorn so we splurge a bit and get the good stuff.

By Allie Churchill for Your How many times have you gone out together to catch dinner and a movie? but it sure does get boring after a while, doesn't it?

If you've ever been in a long-term relationship -- whether it lasted seven months or seven years -- you know that date night starts to feel stale over time.As well as providing soothing ambience they offer illumination for you to check on baby without flicking on the big light and ensure you never step on Lego in the dark again.We switch on the brightest of the bunch, which have more tricks than Mary Poppins to help keep little ones calm, reassured and rested.So embark on an adventure: sneak onto the roof for a talk under the stars or hit the road for a destination-less car trip together.Introducing a faux sense of novelty is one of the most important ways couples can make love last in a relationship (we've seen the science to back it up). It's about sharing memories with the one you love so you can rediscover each other.Rather than throwing your hands-up and declaring that your relationship is doomed until the kids are grown and gone, a little bit of at-home creativity can make for date night any night of the week.

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