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Chinese online sites have since last year published several reports of Nepali women being trafficked to China through fake marriages with Chinese men, and the scrutiny of Chinese male applicants for marriage certificates have became much stricter in Nepal.“It is definitely very difficult to tell whether it is a fake marriage or not, the actual process is decided on a case-by-case basis,” explained Krishna Acharya, Chief District Officer of Lalitpur.Particularly those who like the great outdoors and simple living in a temperate climate.

If you’ve been following my journey then you’ll know what I am looking for and how I go about it.

So if you’re interested in what it’s like to live in Nepal? There are a surprising number of foreigners living in Nepal.

Tourism is Nepal's biggest earner within the service industry which as a total provides 49% of the countries income.

Nepal imports precious metals, machinery, petroleum and electricity. Though China is becoming increasingly involved in trying to provide cheaper imports into Nepal. There is no social welfare system to speak of in Nepal.

“If applicants are a real couple, they can marry here, there are no restrictions.” However, Acharya confirmed that the scrutiny procedure is more complicated and stricter compared to the past, mainly because of reports of fake marriages and human trafficking.

These days, besides the standard process the District Administration in Nepal investigates the economic and social status of the Chinese and Nepali marriage applicants, require police reports, letters from the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Chinese Embassy.

Beyond the dwindling number of yearly returning aged western hippies and smatterings of youthful volunteers quite a few people actually live in Nepal that were not born here.

Predominantly I mainly see Indians, Asians and Europeans living here.

These hips are in my space, they’re blocking my view of my own misery in the street below, they’re…attached to the thinnest waist I’ve ever seen on a man, the broadest shoulders, the longest flower stem-neck, the wettest lips, the darkest eyes….

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