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This is not just a business for us; it’s what gets us up each and every day.We count our success by the enormous number of connections, relationships, marriages, and children we’ve helped to create.

However only a few days ago we had a chat and she said that although I was the most amazing person she had ever met there just wasn’t a spark. I didn’t beg, cry or try to change her mind I just left it at that and have given her her own space.

Our sisters are quite close friends and apparently her sister and family are telling me to not give up on her but I’m in two minds.

was recently dating a girl for around 6 weeks and we both were having an amazing time.

I have never felt this way about a girl before and she told me the same, I met her sister and her parents.

If she suddenly decides there is something worth keeping between you, then sure, you can decide if you want to go for round two.

But I reckon her change of heart is far more likely if you show her you’re not hanging around waiting for it.Losing the spark in a long-term relationship is often inevitable, just like realizing that Justin Bieber is actually making amazing music right now.The longer you're with someone, the more likely you are to transition from "passionate" love into "compassionate" love, Gary Brown, Ph.As the relationship has progressed, how well have you maintained those initial feelings and behaviors?It is human nature to highly value a new love interest and to treat that person with great care and respect.Or b), she’s been struggling with feeling the same as you, but has been hiding it.

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