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Whatever type of family law issue you have, we have the EXPERTISE to provide the needed legal service! Eric Schmidt is a Houston family law attorney who defines the phrase "CONFLICT RESOLUTION," and is dedicated to helping you keep the cost of your case as low as possible.

As PR pros we are presented with rules, guidelines, templates and processes.

Simply poking someone in the chest with your finger can be considered assault. The police may arrest you on assault charges after an argument if they are called by neighbors, or just happen to be nearby.

In many cases, the police may arrest you with very little evidence if they feel you are being belligerent or difficult.

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Prior to 1995, the status of the law was that when parent divorced, one parent (generally the mom) was appointed the sole managing conservator and the other parent was appointed a possessory conservator (also known as the visiting parent).

Eric Schmidt is a Houston Divorce Lawyer who handles ALL kinds of divorces -- from amicable, uncontested divorces, to contested divorces which go to trial.

He has a proven record for working well with opposing counsel to resolve cases through settlement and/or mediation.

before making an immediate arrest unless it involves domestic violence.

Otherwise, the officer has to issue a notice to appear in court or write a complaint and seek an arrest warrant.

Texas law permits individuals who have reached the age of majority (18) to get married without parental consent.

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