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Importantly, I want to readily acknowledge here and now that Kenya is one of the countries where women have birthed the most beautiful queens in the world.

Back in Gusiiland, my people used to say that the sharpest knives always have bad handles and the bluntest ones have the best handles.

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It is perhaps better to define who an independent woman is.

Such a woman has her own things going in that she has an income source, works hard to get whatever she wants, will stand by whatever she believes in, and will not be put down.

The following are tips on how men supposed to deal with this new breed of women.

Paying Bills on Dates Tradition dictates that on the first date, the man picks up the tab.

Nonetheless, there is nowhere to run to, and we have no choice but to marry them.

Dear Kenyan ladies, the speed in which you are being divorced is almost overtaking that of Noah’s downpour.

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Because of a man, your life can literally go to the dogs.

As much as women in Kenya have learned how to handle men, the men themselves also need to learn how to handle the increasing breed of independent Kenyan women.

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