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To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here."Phostint" card; Specifies one cent postage United States and Canada; Foreign two cents. The Alvarado and the Depot are shown facing west across the tracks. Photos of El Vaquero reconstruction taken by webiste in October 2001. Not only is the Harvey House (opened 1880, closed 1937) gone, torn down for a parking lot, but the station, a magnificent limestone building, burned down in 1999, after having been vacant for over a decade.

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An empire was born, as was one way of seeing the Grand Canyon.

If you show up on the South Rim in 2015, as Times photographer Mark Boster and I did recently, you have to wonder what the Kolbs would say.

For more than 65 years, that's where the photographer, usually Emery Kolb, snapped the group shot of the mule riders, including former President Teddy Roosevelt and his group in 1911.

Opened approximately 1896, closed in 1931 Formerly the division headquarters for the Santa Fe's Southern Kansas Division, Chanute's decline began during the early 1940's but not before a large Harvey House was built. Station opened in 1896, Hotel opened in 1900, closed in 1948.

Prior to March 3rd, 1907 postal regulations prohibited written messages on the back of postcards, and that limitation inspired some creative workarounds.

This Grand Canyon view was mailed to San Gabriel, California on Oct. The magnificent dining room is the largest room in the building. The dark oak beams of its ceiling contrast sharply with a background of rich yellow, and the great fire place projecting into the room gives an atmosphere of cheer. 118 delightfully appointed air conditioned guest rooms . Fred Harvey's ALVARADO HOTEL on the corner of First Street & Central . The Sandia Mountains are incorrectly shown in the background.) The Fred Harvey Hotel at Albuquerque was named after Hernandez de Alvarado, a captain of artillery in Coronado's famous expedition. Specially attractive features of the hotel are its delightful gardens and patios. 27, 1905, and though the tiny writing is difficult to read I believe I’ve “decoded” the message. Dear ones, You see we are still at the canyon & will be until 3 P.

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