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Skimpily dressed in thigh-skimming skirts and hotpants, Qatar Airways employees are taking full advantage of Fly High, a weekly affair offering a solid nine hours of either free or heavily discounted drinks in the W hotel.

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Well, I implore you to try meeting people in the Middle East. I quickly learned that there were only really two ways of meeting people in Doha, with the end game of forming romantic relationships.

One was work, an option that I was very much against. So, I downloaded my mortal enemy, Tinder, which is one of the best tools for dating in Doha.

Follow all the breaking news and reaction to this story on Sunday here The Qatari vice-president of Fifa, the governing body of world football, used secret slush funds to make dozens of payments totalling more than $5m to senior football officials to create a groundswell of support for Qatar’s plan to take world football by storm.

rnrn Hello i am Mr David Buchanna from USA i like hanging out with my friends and family.

From my experience, it was much the same as at home in Australia – except far more multicultural. Just make doubly sure that you keep your hands to yourself in public.

Everyone was using it – especially the expats, which make up the majority of the population of this city. Want to hear my stories about dating in the Middle East? I was rather keen on an American, who I agreed to meet up with for tea at ten at night in the City Centre – the name of the local shopping centre.

In a statement, Qatar Airways said: 'The email was sent to impress on our cabin crew that, to make their working environment as good as it can be, while still respecting the norms and values of the Qatari society in which we work, everyone has a part to play.

Every night in the capital Doha there is a 'ladies' night' where women are given free drinks and entry to clubs and bars while cabin crew nights invite flight attendants to take advantage of hefty discounts on drinks.

THE secret payments that helped Qatar to win the World Cup bid are revealed for the first time this weekend in a bombshell cache of millions of documents leaked to The Sunday Times.

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