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Students who apply within 30 days of their desired entry term may not allow for adequate processing time.

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Admissions update: To insure your place in the January 2018 intake, please submit a completed application as early as possible.

Our admissions process is on a rolling basis throughout the year.

A police spokesperson confirmed they were aware of the media reports, but were unable to confirm whether this person was in New Zealand.

"If anyone recognises the image of 'Hanna' aka 'Poison Ivy' as being a person residing in New Zealand, we would encourage them to contact police," they said.

For these subjects separate dates are set by the Foundation for University Admission (see

All of the applicants will be notified of the results of the admission procedure in writing approximately 4‒8 weeks after the application deadline.

He plays Runescape - an "old school" online game where players assume characters in a medieval virtual world, complete quests and fight and trade with others - under the moniker "Trance Music". E-dating is not an unusual phenomenon, especially within avid online gamers, who build long-standing relationships with each other in virtual spaces.

But there was something concerning enough about this relationship that loud headlines hit our virtual shores by Tuesday night."'I would consider suicide if she would take herself with me': Victim tells..." The Daily Mail wrote.

Prospective freshmen interested in applying for the spring semester must do so before this date.

Prospective freshmen interested in applying for the fall or summer semesters must do so before this date to avoid a late fee.

You can also download the forms from the download centre.

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