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Commemorative bottles usually sell for a few dollars each when issued.

You can also find vintage ad pages from old magazines at antique shows or flea markets selling for about to apiece for common examples.

Since 1886, generations of Americans have grown up with the familiar red and white Coca-Cola logo surrounding them at every advertising turn.

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There are many, many collectibles worth hundreds of dollars each and others bring in prices well into the thousands at auction.

Some of those are illustrated with the first "face" of Coca-Cola, the beautiful Hilda Clark.

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“We didn’t set out to accumulate the world’s largest (privately owned) collection.

All we wanted to do was tell a story and put it on display.” The Schmidt family collection has raised the awareness and prestige of the art and craftsmanship that has gone into Coca-Cola merchandising and branding.It’s no wonder that Coke memorabilia can be found in interesting and valuable collections the world over as well.If you want to collect affordably, Coke memorabilia offers literally thousands of ways to do so.Antiques Navigator uses numerous keyword searches on completed auctions to create this archive, if you're looking for coca cola collectibles for sale then check out this page coca cola collectibles For Sale.Search page: Search Page Have a question or need a free estimate of value? I hope these pages help you with your coca cola collectibles collecting! The quality of the work is unsurpassed by advertising standards, and the sheer volume is hard to fathom.

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