cons of dating in college - Dating alcoholic like two different people

While some stereotypes were scarily accurate—yes, it was in a church basement; yes, I did say, "My name is Anna, and I'm an alcoholic"; yes, there was weak coffee in Styrofoam cups—others weren't.

Alcohol was everywhere, from first dates to work-related open-bar events. Over the next four years, my regrets list kept getting longer. I was two slices in when he said it wasn't good. In terms of my list, that night was minor—and was terrifying.

As the decades progressed, 12-step programs evolved to address other issues as well—overeating, gambling—and their popularity grew.

A lot of this is what I externally accomplished — what I can show on paper. I've learned a lot in two years, so I thought I'd share that with you, in case you'd like to take a break from the booze cruise. But overall, life seems to be a whole lot better for me because I took a break. Maybe you're more "inhibited," but is that altogether terrible? I'm much less social than I used to be, but I'm also creating more art and failing a lot more than ever before. I'd rather there be a few things of me still hanging around after I'm dead, some sort of personal expression that others can enjoy.

• Finished multiple drafts of multiple television and movie scripts. • Went from hating myself daily to relatively enjoying myself. RELATED: Teens more apt to binge if parents let them 'sip' as kids according to study You're still you. I spend more time working on bettering myself and my skills than I ever would have sitting at a bar, chatting with a buddy or two.

Yesterday marks 2 consecutive years of not drinking alcohol.

By traditional metrics, I don’t know if I had a drinking problem. Almost everything does: Comedy shows, concerts, after-work functions, meetups, dates, conferences, dinner, museum tours. The events don't change if you decide not to drink! As someone who's been drinking since senior year of high school (sorry, Mom, we weren't just "hanging out" in the basement), most events in my life revolved around booze.He finally decided to give up alcohol after the last night of a popular comedy venue in Chicago, surrounded by friends and his comedy idols. Now I’m better at keeping the jerkier side of me locked up. Here are a few things I've been told: "C'mon, dude, just have one beer! There were days when I wouldn't want to leave my apartment, or see anyone, mostly because I hated myself. A few weeks ago, this guy blared on his horn because I was crossing at a crosswalk and he wanted to turn, and he almost hit me with his car. I'm content with what I've done for the day, and my body wants to go to bed. That conversation may have been great, sure, but in the end, it dies with me and those people. Sure, I've done a few shots of Malort (a terribly famous Chicago liqueur, it’s disgusting) with people who've never tried it.He realized he wanted to boost his productivity, avoid regularly getting sick and take charge of his weight. Here's a short list of what I've accomplished since I stopped drinking: • Lost 75 pounds. It still comes out, sure, but at least I have more control over when that happens. It's not like you're going to meetings or whatever! I haven't slept this great since before high school. I could point you to all the studies that show how alcohol affects your sleep, but hey, take my word for it. RELATED: Drinking alcohol may be bad for the elderly I don't hate myself nearly as much as I used to. Positivity is now my go-to emotion, even when something bad or terrible happens to me. Then he flipped me off and said some nasty words at me. If I can create a few things that last longer than me, it makes my life last longer. And yes, there was that one time a dude threatened to fight me if I didn't drink that shot of whiskey he bought to congratulate me on "being so funny" after hearing me tell jokes about how I don't drink anymore.It can include touching that is not okay; putting something into the vagina; rape; and attempted rape. They can be slipped into your drink when you are not looking.

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