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The only question remains asks whether or not the alleged victim of the sexual assault was given alcohol without his or her consent, or if he or she consumed it willingly.

Depending on the answer to this question, the accused can face either first or second degree sexual assault charges.

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Additionally, an arrest for a Connecticut sex crime can result in fines, mandatory sex offender registration and a term of sex offender probation, which can be as difficult as serving a jail sentence.

So if you are arrested for a sex crime in Stamford, Fairfield, Westport, Norwalk, Darien, New Canaan, or Greenwich, you should contact a top Stamford or Greenwich Connecticut sex assault / sex crime criminal lawyer to try and give you the best chance of fighting your charges and getting your Connecticut sex crime arrest dismissed. This section of the Connecticut General Statutes makes it a crime to engage in sexual intercourse with an individual who cannot, by law, give valid consent.

Can’t agree on custody or visitation or are you worried your child is not safe? Read this to learn: why your child might need a lawyer, how to ask for one, what the lawyer would do to find a solution, who pays, and more.

If you want to live on your own and make your own decisions, emancipation law may help you.

Emancipation means that you are no longer under your parents' control.

It is a big decision no matter what your reasons are.The relationship does not have to be long-term for the term to apply.There is often little confusion when a person initiating sexual contact hears a “no” from the other person to whom the contact is directed.When alcohol is involved, however, and both parties are drunk, consent may be more difficult to decipher; this is why a rape that occurs under these circumstances is sometimes known as “grey rape.” What happens when only one person is drunk, though, and this person later reports a rape against a date who was sober or less intoxicated?Sexual Contact When Intoxicated If a person is drunk to the point of unconsciousness or to the point where he or she cannot physically or verbally refuse sexual contact, then anyone initiating sexual contact with this person may be prosecuted for sexual assault.Sex crimes arrests in Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, and anywhere else in Connecticut are taken very seriously by Connecticut prosecutors and police.

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