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So I interviewed over 100 women whose fathers had either died or abandoned the family before the girls turned 18. (I also did quite a bit of additional reading, research, and interviews with professionals in the worlds of psychology and sociology.) I learned a tremendous amount.

Some factors were utterly expected, almost clichéd; such as that a woman's romantic relationships are dramatically affected by father loss.

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Fatherless (or “daddyless”) daughters are women who grew up without an active father, usually one who was absent by what appears to be his choice.

This appearance of his choice to be absent is the key to the complexities of the girl/woman’s questions about her value to their relationship.

Research shows that women are specifically damaged in their ability to have healthy love relationships due to the absence of their father at some point in their life.

Women are likely to have unhealthy love relationships due to insecurity: caused by the emotional absence of a father throughout childhood.

I often romantized depictions of patriarchal masculinity adopted from the media and popular culture, without having a nuanced understanding of the multiple ways in which culture, race/ethnicity, and class informed my sense of self and the other.

This “father lack” negatively affected my connections and ability to navigate the emotional world of romantic relationships.The depth of a woman's attachment to her father is profound.Whether the relationship was good or bad, long or short, happy or sad, her father has had an enormous impact on her life, and his influence will never end.2.Whether or not the parents are united as a couple and reside in the home together with the child, each parent has value to the child and by extension to our society.When a father chooses to be absent from the life of his child, the impact is long lasting in ways he may not be aware.While this is also true in cases of absent mothers, and for boys as well as girls, I was a girl with a mother and no father.

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