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I think because I'm trying to update two tables, and for one table use Insert/Delete commands, and because I need to manipulate the variables taking values from the edited row (to lookup the ), that I really need to override it.So far I've only found examples of people who really didn't need to override the auto-generated scripts, not an example where someone did. I'm going to give up on this approach and use my own method in the Row Command event instead.

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Can this article help me with this issue: I have a procedure in Oracle, that create a temporary table with output data.

I need from my application execute this procedure and than get data by SELECT query. Dear friend even i looking for this solution, how do i manage transaction support for multiple formview on a page with thier respective sqldatasource controls.

I am running into issues with the Update Command executing, it seems to be executing twice.

When I step through the code in the gv Checklist_Row Updating event, I see everything runs properly and the stored procedure is executed.

[ powerbi ] Id: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [ powerbi ] Name: xxxxxx [ powerbi ] Updating connection string... [ powerbi ] Connection string is not valid [ powerbi ] Method: POST [ powerbi ] Url: xxxxx/datasets/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/Default.

Set All Connections [ powerbi ] Status Code: 400 [ powerbi ] cache-control : no-store, must-revalidate, no-cache [ powerbi ] transfer-encoding : chunked [ powerbi ] content-type : application/json; charset=utf-8 [ powerbi ] server : Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0 Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0 [ powerbi ] strict-transport-security : max-age=31536000; include Sub Domains [ powerbi ] x-frame-options : deny [ powerbi ] x-content-type-options : nosniff [ powerbi ] requestid : e36a4e65-13bb-4518-92e3-04dfe58c39e6 [ powerbi ] date : Mon, GMT [ powerbi ] connection : close [ powerbi ] Connection string successfully updated [ powerbi ] Dataset: xxxxxxxxxxxx [ powerbi ] Connection String:,1433; Database=xxxx; User ID=xxxxxxxxx; Password=xx; Trusted_Connection=False; Encrypt=True; Connection Timeout=30; [ powerbi ] [ powerbi ] Method: GET [ powerbi ] Url: xxxxxxxxx/datasets/xxxxxx/Default.I am getting an error saying that, ' cannot Set the datasource on a datapresenter that has items added explicitly through data items collection '. I have a data repeater that is binding to an Object Data Source on a page.I have tried to cancel this event to prevent the multiple update attempts, but then nothing happens and the Grid View stays in edit mode.ASP Code EDIT: I used the SQL Profiler to see what parameters are being sent in the stored procedure.I can put breakpoints all over the place, but the trail stops at the end of Things_Updating.

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