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It looks more difficult too to design one with the right size and accent including the accessories.

本ページでは、エストニアの経済情勢にご関心のある皆様のご参考にして頂くため、当地で発行されているエストニア語の主要新聞から経済・ビジネスに関する記事をピックアップし、日本語の表題+英文サマリーの形にまとめたものを掲載しています(不定期)。 過去のニュースに関しては、ページ下記のアーカイブをご参照下さい。 また、個別の事項に関するニュースを選別するには、ページ右上の検索機能をご利用頂くと便利です。 メールでの配信も行っておりますので、ご希望の方は[email protected]までご連絡下さい。 また、当館では日本企業の皆様への当地での活動支援・情報提供を行っておりますので、ご興味のある方は下記連絡先までご連絡ください。 在エストニア日本国大使館 政務・経済班 ・直通:( 372)6 405 284 ・大使館代表:( 372)6 310 531 ・E-mail: [email protected]’s make a new Estonia.

According to MOVE Guides CEO and founder Brynne Kennedy, “MOVE Guides and Teleport have a shared vision to democratize global mobility through software and data science.” Founder of Teleport Sten Tamkivi said: “We founded Teleport with the vision of helping free people move, by giving mobile millennials access to modern software tools to smoothly get to wherever they need to be to make the most of their potential.” According to Tamkivi, the deal helps both companies to grow faster.

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breakfast, a welcome cocktail at the bar, a Welcome Berlin card as well as a free ticket to C/O Berlin. No detours or queues - enter the world of our furry and feathered neighbors in the Berlin Zoo directly through the exclusive zoo entrance on our terrace!

On the occasion, you shouldn't miss to say hello to "Stuy", the Red Giant Kangaroo born on 02 March 2016 and of which we have proudly taken the sponsorship. Situated in the diplomatic district, the Das Stue hotel is right in the centre of Germany's capital.

(Postimees, Page 12, April 4, 2017) The Brits bought one of Estonia’s most famous start-ups.

British company MOVE Guides announced that they have acquired Estonian start-up Teleport which was created by former managers of Skype for an undisclosed amount.

“I’m concerned that not enough imagination is being applied to the future of the sport as opposed to correcting the sins of the past and stabilising the organisation.

We need collectively as a sport to think more radically.This project has been made possible by generous financial support from Next Generation Learning Challenges and in-kind support from i NACOL and Michigan Virtual.Berlin is calling and our City Break Package holds everything you need to explore the art and culture: two nights incl.Peeter Smitt from Estonian IT company Nortal says in an article that Estonia’s innovation has stalled and the only way to get it started again is to gather companies, public officials and politicians behind the same table and start creating a new generation of services.According to Smitt, Estonia’s inventions such as X-Road, digital ID, land cadaster, business register, patent register, public procurement register, population register are all good to export, but there is a lack of new similar export articles.All of the top 5 from our 2015 World Rankings are in the field including the winners of 2015 Dubai, London, Berlin, Chicago, New York and Worlds marathons. Wejo hands out high praise to two unknowns – one literally and one figurative.

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